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Form system, paper paper used for basic, organ and invitation, security head of external, scene, resident residence at Vietnam are banned in the following 04/2015 / TT-BCA 01/05/2015 of the Ministry of Public Security:

    1. Declaration application for Vietnamese visa (NA1 - Immigration Department).

    2. Application for entry of foreign nationals into Vietnam (NA2 Immigration Department).

    3. Petition for foreigners entering Vietnam (NA3 Immigration Department).

    4. Inquiry form (NA4 Immigration Department).

    5. Declaration for visa issuance, extension of stay for foreigners (NA5 Immigration Department).

    6. Official letter and application for temporary residence card for foreigner (NA6 Immigration Department).

    7. Application for issuance of temporary residence card for foreigners (NA7).

    8. Declaration form for temporary residence card for foreigner (NA8).

    9. The new level only, real export family for external people (NA9).

    10. The list of the subject for the real license page (NA10).

    11. Paper leader for the external outside of Vietnam (NA11).

    12. The first place of the external (NA12).

    13. Fill token, relocation tag for external people (NA13).

    14. Texted license to on region area, the area (NA14).

    15. Please allowed for the body into the region area, the area of the boundary (NA15).

    16. Register register pattern, signature at the head in the exit database (NA16).

    17. The temporary report of the external state (NA17).

    18. The external list of temporary report (NA18).